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I spent 31 years in the Public Service of Canada, 20 of those as a Director General or Director, including at Transport Canada, Privy Council Office, Treasury Board Secretariat, Canadian Heritage, and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency. The most gratifying part of my work was supporting others to

- connect with their strengths and potential,
- enhance their key competencies, and
- better align their careers and lives with their passions and priorities.

Since retiring in January 2023, I started LaFortune Coaching Services to continue providing these change management, leadership, and executive coaching services. I am a BCC-CCE Board Certified Coach, and ILCT Certified Resilience Coach, and an ILCT Certified Executive and Business Coaching Specialist, with a focus on leadership and executive coaching, resilience, and managing change.

I would be happy to work with you and your staff to enhance your skillsets, improve communication, navigate change, and create the outcomes that you seek in both your work and your life.


With my experience and knowledge, I can provide solution-focused seminars and individual coaching sessions packed with simple and practical tools, tips, and strategies to create the outcomes that you and your organization seek, including:


  • building a resilient and sustainable workplace,

  • supporting managers and teams to reduce stress and prevent burnout,

  • navigating and thriving through change,

  • taking control of your time and days,

  • finding an appropriate work/life balance, and

  • becoming more organized, productive, and fulfilled personally and professionally.


Please contact me to explore how I can help you find solutions to the challenges you, your team, and your organization face, and how you can achieve what you want both personally and professionally.



Leadership & Executive Coaching

  • improve relationships and communication

  • polish leadership skills

  • sustain productive and engaged remote or hybrid teams

  • heighten self-awareness

  • increase effectiveness and cohesiveness in the workplace

  • achieve career success and fulfillment

  • be more organized, productive, and fulfilled personally and professionally


Resilience Coaching & Change Management

  • sustain employee engagement in a hybrid situation

  • deal with team turnover

  • maintain excellence and productivity without being overwhelmed and exhausted

  • find an appropriate work/life balance

  • recharge energy and motivation

  • reduce stress and prevent burnout


Career & Life


  • discover who you are and what you value 

  • align your career with your passions and priorities

  • clarify your strengths, skills, and career vision

  • remove mindset blocks holding you back

  • create a specific action plan to achieve success

  • find momentum in creating your career or business

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